thumbnails/042-Slide Brook Lean To.jpg.small.jpeg
Slide Brook Lean To.jpg
thumbnails/041-Sleeping Bags.jpg.small.jpeg
Sleeping Bags.jpg
thumbnails/027-Looked cooler in person.jpg.small.jpeg
Looked cooler in person.jpg
thumbnails/022-Hangin 'round camp.jpg.small.jpeg
Hangin 'round camp.jpg
thumbnails/011-Elk Lake, from Base of Macomb.jpg.small.jpeg
Elk Lake, from Base of Macomb.jpg
thumbnails/000-A slide on Macomb.jpg.small.jpeg
A slide on Macomb.jpg
thumbnails/049-Up the slide.jpg.small.jpeg
Up the slide.jpg
thumbnails/031-Looking up the slide.jpg.small.jpeg
Looking up the slide.jpg
thumbnails/034-Matt, at the slide's base.jpg.small.jpeg
Matt, at the slide's base.jpg
thumbnails/013-Elk Lake, from partway up Macomb.jpg.small.jpeg
Elk Lake, from partway up Macomb.jpg
thumbnails/043-Starting up Macomb.jpg.small.jpeg
Starting up Macomb.jpg
thumbnails/035-Matt on the slide.jpg.small.jpeg
Matt on the slide.jpg
thumbnails/014-Elk Lake from Slide.jpg.small.jpeg
Elk Lake from Slide.jpg
thumbnails/028-Looking down Macomb Slide.jpg.small.jpeg
Looking down Macomb Slide.jpg
thumbnails/048-Upper Range from Macomb.jpg.small.jpeg
Upper Range from Macomb.jpg
thumbnails/010-Elk Lake & Beyond.jpg.small.jpeg
Elk Lake & Beyond.jpg
thumbnails/029-Looking down Macomb Slide 2.jpg.small.jpeg
Looking down Macomb Slide 2.jpg
thumbnails/005-Dix from Macomb.jpg.small.jpeg
Dix from Macomb.jpg
thumbnails/023-Haystack, Basin, Saddleback.jpg.small.jpeg
Haystack, Basin, Saddleback.jpg
thumbnails/040-Skylight, etc from Macomb.jpg.small.jpeg
Skylight, etc from Macomb.jpg
thumbnails/032-Looking west from Macomb.jpg.small.jpeg
Looking west from Macomb.jpg
thumbnails/017-Fuelling up on Macomb.jpg.small.jpeg
Fuelling up on Macomb.jpg
thumbnails/006-Dix from Macomb 2.jpg.small.jpeg
Dix from Macomb 2.jpg
thumbnails/018-Giant & RPR from Macomb.jpg.small.jpeg
Giant & RPR from Macomb.jpg
thumbnails/044-Steve on Macomb.jpg.small.jpeg
Steve on Macomb.jpg
thumbnails/020-Group on Macomb.jpg.small.jpeg
Group on Macomb.jpg
thumbnails/036-Mike & Justin on S. Dix.jpg.small.jpeg
Mike & Justin on S. Dix.jpg
thumbnails/039-S. Dix Summit Marker.jpg.small.jpeg
S. Dix Summit Marker.jpg
thumbnails/021-Group on S. Dix.jpg.small.jpeg
Group on S. Dix.jpg
thumbnails/030-Looking South, from E. Dix.jpg.small.jpeg
Looking South, from E. Dix.jpg
thumbnails/033-Macomb & S. Dix, from E. Dix.jpg.small.jpeg
Macomb & S. Dix, from E. Dix.jpg
thumbnails/024-Hough & Dix, from E. Dix.jpg.small.jpeg
Hough & Dix, from E. Dix.jpg
thumbnails/008-E. Dix Summit.jpg.small.jpeg
E. Dix Summit.jpg
thumbnails/003-Dix from E. Dix.jpg.small.jpeg
Dix from E. Dix.jpg
thumbnails/009-E. Dix Summit Marker.jpg.small.jpeg
E. Dix Summit Marker.jpg
thumbnails/037-Overexposed on E. Dix.jpg.small.jpeg
Overexposed on E. Dix.jpg
thumbnails/016-Fueling up before Hough.jpg.small.jpeg
Fueling up before Hough.jpg
thumbnails/050-What you talkin' bout Willis.jpg.small.jpeg
What you talkin' bout Willis.jpg
thumbnails/026-Hough Summit Marker.jpg.small.jpeg
Hough Summit Marker.jpg
thumbnails/004-Dix from Hough.jpg.small.jpeg
Dix from Hough.jpg
thumbnails/012-Elk Lake from Hough.jpg.small.jpeg
Elk Lake from Hough.jpg
thumbnails/025-Hough Summit.jpg.small.jpeg
Hough Summit.jpg
thumbnails/019-Group on Hough Summit.jpg.small.jpeg
Group on Hough Summit.jpg
thumbnails/007-Dix Summit.jpg.small.jpeg
Dix Summit.jpg
thumbnails/047-Three on Dix.jpg.small.jpeg
Three on Dix.jpg
thumbnails/045-Sunrise from Slide Brook LT.jpg.small.jpeg
Sunrise from Slide Brook LT.jpg
thumbnails/038-Packing out.jpg.small.jpeg
Packing out.jpg
thumbnails/015-Frozen Shell.jpg.small.jpeg
Frozen Shell.jpg
thumbnails/002-Checked out.jpg.small.jpeg
Checked out.jpg
thumbnails/046-The Road Home.jpg.small.jpeg
The Road Home.jpg
thumbnails/001-Car Group.jpg.small.jpeg
Car Group.jpg